We exist to bring tailored lab space to the brains of change.

We exist to make biological research and innovation accessible.

We exist to facilitate the BioRevolution.

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Reimagining BioLabs

Building a network of BioLabs with the scientist's need at the centre:

Designed from first principles, our BioDomes are more cost effective than traditional bricks and mortar labs. A scalable, rapid assembly design situated within modern, high quality Warehouses.

The talent pool and great research institutions aren’t constrained to three hubs: San Francisco, San Diego and Boston so neither are we. We offer lab space Nationwide. We have ambitions to put down roots in 50 cities across the US.

Benches. Equipment. Serviced space. We’ve distilled the formula down to it’s simplest form and wrapped it up into a simple monthly subscription. Pay for extras as you need them.

Our proprietary software and carefully selected technology and equipment partners drive simplicity for compliance, day to day operations and a data driven environment leveraging IOT

Configure a BioDome to the size you need with the number of benches and equipment to suit your team. Don’t pay for anything superfluous.
Constructing change

Responding to the needs of modern science

88% encounter waiting lists for their first choice lab space.

92% believe options are limited and bench rent is expensive.

96% would struggle to grow their team in their current lab location.


Our vision is to enable long term and permanent change in society through a new infrastructure that allows engineering biology to be carried out anywhere.

We’re setting out to create an ecosystem for scientists like no other.

Open, accessible, inspiring, affordable. Re-imagining the bio infrastructure that re-imagines our future.

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